Sticky Mats (2)

Sticky Mats (2)

  • $10.00

All new sticky mats from HSG !! Sticky mats are a super sticky food grade silicone that was designed to help protect your glass, tables and also keep all your accessories in place. Sticky mats are not intended for placing you oil or product on, but will give you great reassurance when you place your glass on it. Your glass won't get pulled or knocked off the table.. It also helps keep smaller, lighter glass in place. Awesome for display cases, and helps support your glass when using heavy enail coils. The main benefit is a soft sticky mat to place your glass on and not having to worry :)

Sticky pads are easy to clean after use. To clean your sticky pads with 91% or better ISO before use.

 ** You will receive two 6"x8" sticky mats  Just peel, clean, stick, and enjoy ! **

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